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Welcome to as Sharp As It Gets​

Thank you for visiting my site and getting to know more about me!

Using my meticulous skills as a journeyman machinist along with my passion for detail I provide
 premium certified sharpening services to hair stylists, barbers, pet groomers, culinary chefs and hard working men and women.  
My desire as a professional sharpener began years ago from being inspired by my wife who has been a master stylist and a salon owner for 40 years. 
Knowing the need of sharpening services in the beauty, grooming and culinary industry in our area I felt led to provide my master services to Music City communities and Middle TN. 

Incorporating my journeyman machinist background has its advantages when serving customers. 
Knowing the importance of the fine details, allows me to give high-end services in sharpening and repairing working tools. 
I am committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technology while continuing my precision talent to keep it as 
Sharp As It Gets!

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​Gregory Floyd


Gregory Floyd