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Our Quality Difference

Precision Matters. For Your Work, For Your Business.

For everything except Beauty shears,

To ensure my quality standards, I will work at your facility using the exact same equipment that I use in my workshop. I have a trailer that houses a complete mobile sharpening solution.

Quality Doesn't Cost. It Pays!


Beauty Shear Sharpening,

Beware of those who work outside from a truck in the parking lot. This is almost always an indicator of a scissor sharpener who uses the wrong equipment and the wrong techniques, and who will hand you back a scissor that simply can’t perform properly. For stylists, you already know the symptoms – a shear that can’t slide, gives a crunchy cut, which pushes or folds the hair, or doesn’t cut at all. Too often, I hear from stylists who tried to save a few dollars by using someone else who botched the job. They end up spending more money and they frequently have a scissor that has been severely damaged, or even destroyed. Inside your salon I will need a small workspace with access to electricity. For integrity and quality, I don’t do any scissor sharpening at empty station shelves, on top of washing machines or counter tops, or anywhere else except the portable workstation (including a small table, folding chair and light) that I bring with me. I may sound like a sharpening snob, but this allows me to provide ultra-consistent sharpening by using the exact same positioning and lighting every single time. You will generally not hear a thing, and I don’t leave any mess when I leave. You may even enjoy watching how it’s done, although I don’t expect you to get the same kick out of it that I do.

I also provide a broad selection of loaner shears for you to use while I’m working on yours if needed.

One of the important things that I often do is ask you about your style of cutting. Different styles will require different edge construction. I don’t create the same edge for a scissor used primarily for pure slide cutting as I would for one that does a lot of tip work. When a stylist simply wants a quality all-around edge for a variety of techniques, the goal is to find the perfect balance of sharpness and durability.

In the Nashville Area and Need Something Sharpened?
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